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We help community banks take advantage of the exploding Fintech opportunity. Braid supports banks by augmenting their existing core banking systems to enable FinTech integration.

Deposit Accounts
Payments Infrastructure
Digital Onboarding and Compliance
Core Integration
Third Party Integration

Depending on your product strategy, you can choose between a centralized or decentralized ledger for both Fiat and Token use cases.

A simple configuration at the product level and your money movement foundation is ready to go.

Need a digital wallet embedded in your app or want to upgrade your homegrown ledger?  

Braid offers a battle-tested and turnkey wallet solution with flexible product configuration, access to a network of payment connectors and KYC/KYB flows.

Moving money from point A to point B is ultimately what we enable. Money inflows and outflows via our Rails+ connectors make transaction enablement simple and easy.


Gone are the days of big-iron infrastructure. With cloud services and managed security, the barrier to be an issuer processor is virtually eliminated.

Braid offers a unique model to enable you to deploy your own issuer processor in the cloud, simply with a few clicks.

Distributed Ledger Technology has utility. However, we believe there is a long transitional period where DeFi and TradFi must coexist and interact.

Braid takes a pragmatic approach and aims to leverage blockchain infrastructure by bridging on-chain processing and traditional payment networks when it makes sense for our clients.

Compliance should never be an afterthought. Compliance is about data, processes, and technologies that are integral part of your product and operation.

Braid brings in decades of experience working with high risk categories with built in technology designed to effectively manage regulatory and compliance risks.


Store and Move Value

Braid is the heart of our platform. Store and move value across any payment rail.

Building Blocks

Creating accounts, storing, and moving value is not enough to operate complex financial products and services. 

Hierarchy and grouping enables the platform user to support multiple banks, products, transaction types, and settlement flows.

A human being authorized to view accounts
A store of value - Fiat or Token
Ultimate owner of an account - individual or business
A collection of features applied to an account
Bank and/or product owner

How We Can Help

How We Can Help

Software Licensing
Cloud Infrastructure
Professional Services

About Us

Braid Technologies, Inc. is built on a belief that Fintech should be accessible to any organization regardless of size. We want to democratize the underlying technology so that banks and entrepreneurs can own and take control of what matters most.

Braid was founded by dreamers, builders, and practitioners who are committed to demystifying fintech and offering a new way of approaching the business of money movement.

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Turn your bank into a fee-income and deposit-gathering machine

Our software empowers banks to capture new business beyond the local branch

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The Problem

You understand your challenges better than anyone else.

Community banks are struggling due to consolidation and increased competition.
In most cases, retail banking activity alone isn't enough to make a significant impact.
You're losing customers to large national banks and fintechs  like PayPal, Stripe, and Square.
Local markets are often too small to sustain growth.
The Solution

Technology that drives revenue growth for your bank

Transform your institution into a digital payment bank

Offer wholesale payment services to digital customers, such as fintechs, payment companies, and developers

Start collecting new deposits and generating transaction fees from all payment activities

The Problem

Unlock your bank's existing expertise and infrastructure.

Rapidly deploy payment infrastructure in-house with the Braid Payment Core, eliminating the need for extensive integration efforts or costly enhancements from your primary core vendor. Begin offering comprehensive payment services to tech-savvy customers within months, not years.

The Solution

True Bank Control

Braid is not a Banking-as-a-Service provider or middleware provider. We install a dedicated instance of the platform to a cloud environment that your bank controls. We teach you how to operate the platform and provide ongoing technical, operational, and compliance support.

The Solution

Compliance and Operations

No one said it would be easy. You'll have to create new policies and procedures, educate your board, train your staff, and convince your regulator. It's no cakewalk.

Policies & Procedures

The good news is that our team will make this process easier for you by supplying document templates, examples, tutorials, and live training.

Compliance Ops Support

We want you to truly transform so you can grow in a controlled and compliant way, and we will help you every step of the way.

The Problem

Sales, Sales, Sales

Partnership Approach

Software alone is not enough. Someone needs to go out and find customers to use your newly created wholesale payments business. Since our success is closely tied to yours, we're leaving nothing to chance. We'll get you started.

Foundation Building

Our in-house digital marketing and sales team will be responsible for bringing in sales for the first six months. During this time, we'll focus on building a sales pipeline, generating early revenue, and teaching your team how to win new customer relationships.

Our Toolbox

We use our deep industry knowledge and network, coupled with a combination of digital marketing and sales automation to make this happen for you.

What are you waiting for? Are we doing this, or what?